Mesh and objects deformers tips and tricks



How to use the object deformer scripts?

you need to first create an empty Game object, attach to it as children all the objects you want to manipulate, now also attach to it any of the objects deformer scripts: ie : Object image deformer, objects sine deformer, or objects ripple Deformer.

In Version 1.1 (currently pending review) you can do the following:

go to the menu: mesh deformer->create 2D grid or create 3D grid

this will create a grid of objects according to the settings you set in it.

in the hierarchy select the grid handler and apply to it the object deformer script of your choice, either manually or through the menu item: mesh deformer->attach…

How to use a regular deformer?

make sure the object u are using has a mesh mesh filter adn assign to it any of the deformer scripts.

in version 1.1 you can assign the scripts to multiple objects simply by selecting them and going to: mesh deformer->attach…

Version 1.1: How to use the colorize Script:

you attach the colorize script to the parent game object that holds all the children game objects you want to colorize and change its settings to suite your needs.

How to use images for deformation  or coloring (image deformer/ objects image deformer/ and colorize script).

when importing the images, make sure to choose advance and enable read/write.

Version 2.0  Tips:

Skinned Mesh Deformers tips:

-to use the skinned mesh deformer, you need to assign the right script to the Skinned Mesh ie: the Mesh that has a skinned mesh renderer attached to it.

PS: skinned meshes apply to all the instances of the same mesh in the scene, you only need to assign it to a single one of them, if you want to assign different skinned mesh deformers to other instances of the same mesh in the same scene, sadly you need to import a new asset and assign to it the other script. for example you need to import the same character twice into unity.

  • always use the menu to assign the scripts
  • you can use the same effector to all three of the objects deformer script: translate/rotate/scale, by assigning the same effector to the effector object of each script and deleting the ones you don’t need.
  • you can create your own effectors by assigning the effectorval script it to your own game object and assigning the gameobject to the effector value of the object deformer.
  • you can also create an effector by simply using the mesh deformer menu and choosing create effector, but you will have to also manually assign it to the script you need to use

How to stack multiple mesh Deformer?

well, at it’s current state the meshes are not stack-able, but you can stack them indirectly, when in play mode, edit the parameters of the mesh deformer, when you are satisfied you can use this script to export the mesh as an OBJ (use instructions are included in the link). when done import the mesh to your scene and apply a new mesh deformer to it. not the perfect solution, but it’s a way.



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