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Duplicator Instructions pdf

Duplicator is a set of duplication tools for unity 3d, that you could easily use inside the editor.
-you can generate brick walls with your own brick 3d model using the generate wall

-you can duplicate (multiple objects) on a surface using the mesh image duplicator tool

-you can randomize your 3d objects using the Randomizer tool

– you can create 3D grids with separation using Create 3D grid tool

– you can create 2D grids with separation with Create 2D grid tool

– you can duplicate multiple objects with different parameters using the duplicate special tool

-you can duplicate (multiple objects) on a flat grid using the image duplicator tool

-you can reduce the amount of objects you have using the Reduce tool either by hiding or destroying the objects


2 thoughts on “Duplicator

    1. Hello Oliver,
      This tool is not meant to be used in runtime, i created it to help game designers populate a level with ease, you can modify the code to run in runtime if you wish, but it’s not recommended because in most cases it creates an overhead


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