3D carousel for unity3D (free)


Hello guys, i just wanted to share this script with you, it creates a carousel with game objects, hopefully it might help someone save some time, i tried to document it as best as possible.
you can download the script, or the test project(created with unity 5.3.2) here



3D Game Props for unity3D

Assets Store

Watch a preview on youtube

You can get it from the unity assets store through this link

This is a collection of 3D elements i created in the past for several different projects and games, for my university and clients.

This package includes around 185 3D elements. these elements are mostly low poly good quality 3D props that can be used in your game to give it that extra detail. some elements are grouped, which means you can easily separate them into the elements that form them and use those for animation, for example you can open up the lids on the dumpster.