Mesh and Object Deformers for Unity3D

Assets Store

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you can get it from the unity assets store here

deformersThis is a set of deformers, created for unity3D and published on the assets store

its a set of mesh deformers:

  1. image deformer: use a black and white image as a deformer, suitable for terrains and other creative ideas, you can use an image sequence and let it deform the mesh too
  2. sine deformer: deform an object using a sine wave, it can be further adjusted with a curve
  3. Ripple deformer: deform objects with a ripple wave
  4. twist deformer: Twist objects, you can further refine with a curve.
  5. flare deformer: use it to flare up items, and use the curve to modify the flare
  6. curve shape deformer: deform meshes according to the curve in the inspector

and a set of object deformers:

  1. image object deformer: use images to manipulate the position of objects in 3d space, you can also benefit from using a sequence of images to create some cool effects.objectsimage
  2. object ripple deformer: use it to cause a ripple wave on the objectsobjectsripple
  3. object sine deformer: use it to cause the elements to move according to a sine wave, you can also modify with a curve.objectssine