Emoji Word Charades, A word solving Game

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Emoji word charades is a trivia game, enjoy some challenging riddles, discover new ways to solve them, and best of all have fun doing it!
every emoji sequence can be solved in a unique way!
each one presents it’s challenges, whenever you get to solve one you get the satisfaction of an archeologist solving his first hieroglyph!!

Emoji word charades is a word solving game, it presents you with a sequence of emojis that will represent a word, either literally, phonetically, sequentially or other…(can’t give you all the hints right?) think of it as playing charades with your friends, but instead with emojis.
many tools are available to help solve the riddles, one will remove an unnecessary letter, another would give you a correct one, and the mother of all helpers, the HINT!

Hope you enjoy what this game has to offer, and best of luck solving those mysterious puzzles!

You can find it on Google Play And App Store