Mesh And object Deformer Support

This is a support page for my asset: Mesh and object deformer for unity 3D.

i would recommend my new asset Duplicator as a complimentary for mesh and objects deformers and for so much more, it will help u populate your game world with ease

I will be adding tutorials here whenever i get the chance to do so, meanwhile, you can check  This Page for basic info.

you can view the The Tips And Tricks here


version 2.1.1 (currently under review)

+Added save mesh: to use it you need to select the deformed mesh in the editor while in run mode and choose save mesh from the mesh deformer menu Mesh Deformer->save mesh what happens next is the mesh will be saved inside the assests folder of your project the saved mesh is the deformed shape of your mesh, but it has no material nor any transforms applied, so u need to apply those urself.. In case u want to use a shortcut, u can assign the newly created mesh to the mesh filter of your game object.. Just be careful u need to remove the deformer from ur object otherwise the new modifications will be saved to the new mesh

-minor bug fixes

version 2.1.0

+Added Effector for the skinned mesh ripple

+Added Effector to skinned mesh sine

+NEW simple blend shape deformer

+added Effector to sine, ripple,flare,image and twist mesh deformers

+Added static mode to curve deformer

+minor tweaks for the scripts

+re-Added support to unity 5.3.2

version 2.0.1:

-Deprecated support for unity 5.3

-Added effector for the MeshRippleDeformer as beta for testing with an example scene:

how to use it? just create an effector from the Deformer menu: Mesh Deformer->Create Effector, attach the mesh Ripple Reformer to the mesh object by selecting the object and from the menu choose Mesh Deformer -> Ripple Deformer. assign the effector you created to the Effector value of the Ripple deformer and enable use effector by ticking it. now hit play and enjoy.

Version 2.0:

what’s new in version 2.0?

+NEW SKINNED MESH DEFORMERS SET: includes Ripple, Sine, Flare and AnimCurve Shape for adding extra cool motion to your animated characters!

+ NEW OBJECTS DEFORMERS WITH EFFECTORS: incling: Translate/Rotate/Scale Objects Deformers, these can be combined together. you can also combine the rotate and scale deformers with the Ripple/sine and image objects deformers!

+minor changes and fixes

Watch the videos in the links below to see what’s new

newest objetcs deformers Preview

skinned Mesh deformers Preview

Verion 1.1 :

what’s new in version 1.1?


+ minor bug fixes

+new menu items to create 2D and 3D grids and attach scripts: Mesh Deformer

+new Colorize Grid Script to add color to objects according to an image or a sequence of images

You can comment below, or contact me in case you have any questions


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